April 13, 2014

I've received multiple fan letters asking about the original Knights Series, and whether or not "Blood of
" is the final book. The answer is yes, and no. It is the final book of the Knights Series, but it is
not the final book concerning the
Knights of Dremlock and their struggles. The new series, Knights of
Ollanhar, is simply a continuation of the original Knights
Series but with a bit less focus on Dremlock
It begins almost immediately where "Blood of Kings" ends. Rest assured that any and all
unfinished business in the Knights
Series will be addressed in the new series, and that all of the major
characters' stories will continue.

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March 23, 2014

A new book in a new series in now available. A Knight of Tharnin, Book I is available on Amazon Kindle
and will soon be available for other devices.

February 1, 2014

Knights: The Blood of Kings is now published in ebook form on Amazon. It will soon be available at
Apple, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and other places--including print and audio formats. Is this exciting?
Certainly! The book turned out to be longer than I had anticipated, hence the delays. But in my
opinion it was well worth the extra time spent on it.

So what next? Current plans involve another book based on the Knights Series but set in our time.
Also, I am beginning a new series called Knights of Ollanhar. This series will involve some of the
characters from the first Knights Series. I am also still working on The Beast Below and should publish
it sometime in the near future.